Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Defund It Now!

I just heard a brief conversation between Ben Ferguson and our own Senator Ted Cruz, in which the Senator mentioned a website where Americans can go to send a message to our elected officials about their approach to the looming monstrosity of ObamaCare.   It's called  Please go to this site, sign the petition contained therein, and then get 10 of your friends to do the same thing.  Slightly over 100,000 fellow Americans have already done so (including yours truly).

I have to warn you: after you sign the petition on the home page you will be taken to a secondary page where you will be asked to make a donation.  Please do not feel obligated to do this!!!!  However, if you return to the home page you will find a list of Republican Senators along with their telephone numbers and status on defunding this atrocious piece of legislation.  Senator Cruz also requested that those who stand with us against ObamaCare pick up the phone and call the offices of those who are taking the spineless approach that "We can't win this fight," and refusing to truly represent the will of the people who put them in office.  Believe me, they do track the types and content of phone calls received in Senatorial offices.  It only takes a couple of minutes to accomplish, but it can make a huge difference.

Thank you very much, and have a great day!

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Pamela Grayson said...

I signed the petition...Gary